Every counselor will arrive at a home with a kit of supplies designed to engage a wide variety of interests. Materials will likely include art supplies, building activities, games, technology and outdoor play. If there are additional toys or equipment that campers would like to play with in the home they will be allowed to as long as parents have given them permission (with the exceptions listed below). 

Counselors will stick to using rooms deemed appropriate by the adults in the home. At a minimum this should include a living room or large play space, kitchen and bathroom. Whenever possible, it’s best if the area used by counselors is on the ground floor only, or limited to as few floors as practical. Counselors will not be permitted in any bedrooms in the house at any time. Any room being used by the counselor and campers must have two egress options in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Counselors will bring an iPad with them in order to access applications they need for work, in addition to allowing campers to participate in virtual field trips, Steve & Kate Online, or other multimedia projects. As such, our staff will need access to the internet, so we ask parents to make a guest password to their wireless network available for use, or provide the existing password. If parents have a preference for no technology programming or if there is a limit for how long their children can use multimedia applications on an iPad, they should let staff know. Additionally by default our policy is that counselors will not use the television or commercially available streaming services (i.e. Netflix, Disney+, etc), but parents should let staff know if there is an occasion when they would like them to watch something with the kids and what age-appropriate content is okay to watch.